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Our Primary Initiatives

Atlanta Fire Rescue Department Professional Development & Member Services

including the Tuition Scholarship Program and Leadership Development Programs

Community Risk Reduction

including the Smoke Alarm Program, Child Safety Seat Program, and the Emergency Preparedness Institute

Atlanta Fire Station Productivity

providing safety, cleanliness and comfort for Atlanta's Bravest, our city's firefighters

Atlanta Fire Rescue Department & Community Recognition Programs

such as the annual Breakfast with Our Bravest awards ceremony and Annual Firefighters Memorial Tribute

Atlanta Fire Foundation Operations Funding

towards employing a professional foundation management staff, expanding AFF’s capabilities to benefit Atlanta

Supporting Atlanta's Bravest Firefighters In All Ways Possible


Atlanta Firefighter Tuition Reimbursement Program

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Thanks to the support of Citizens across Atlanta, the Atlanta Fire Foundation is now able to start awarding college tuition reimbursement to Atlanta Fire Rescue personnel that qualify for the program. Take a look at some of the recent recipients at the 2016 Atlanta Fire Foundation Tuition Reimbursement awards ceremony. ** TUITION ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (TAP) FOR YOUR COLLEGE DEGREE Click

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Breakfast With Our Bravest (BWOB)

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Details are already in the works for the 2016 BWOB. Keep checking this page for further information. We look forward to seeing everyone again this year! For years, the Atlanta Fire Foundation has brought together community leaders, key influences and committed loved ones to honor Atlanta’s bravest firefighters. Our non-profit foundation is solely responsible for

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Video: Atlanta Fire Rescue Department 2015

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An excellent video overview of the 2015 Atlanta Fire Rescue Department. Please take a moment to see for yourself what Atlanta’s bravest heroes do to protect you, when tragedy strikes, each and every day and night, all 365 days, throughout the year.

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Turn Used Technology into Firefighter Tuition!

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The Atlanta Fire Foundation has partnered with Ecycle Atlanta to help your Atlanta firefighters with tuition reimbursement.  FINALLY…a very easy way you can directly support your local firefighters education fund! For immediate technology waste pickup, please, call (770) 376-7763 or EMAIL  

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Firefighter Gear & Equipment Replacement

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Shouldn’t Atlanta’s Bravest Heroes have the best equipment and gear when tragedy strikes? Take a look at the staggering costs of JUST ONE insulated boot that might kick through a burning door where one of your loved ones are holding on for dear life in the middle of a fire, JUST ONE thermal imaging camera

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Emergency Preparedness Institute (EPI)

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The purpose of the Atlanta EPI is to “leverage the combined skilled-leadership, cutting-edge resources, and breadth of experience to increase our ability to respond to any catastrophic event, minimize loss of life, and work shoulder to shoulder for all of Atlanta.” The Institute aligns with the department’s goal of a safer Atlanta and Mayor Reed’s public

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Atlanta's Bravest sincerely thank you for your donation...

The 2016 BWOB will be on Tuesday November 15, 2016 7:30 am at Flourish in Buckhead! Click Here to see last year's BWOB!