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 Atlanta's Firefighters: Working Hard For You

The Atlanta Fire Rescue Department (AFRD) is a comprehensive team, critically linked into the 911 system when tragedy strikes. Atlanta's firefighters run as fast as humanly possible towards dangers that most of us attempt to escape. From medical emergencies and structural fires, to disasters of any kind, especially the unforeseen accidents that occur every day on Atlanta's surface streets and freeways.  We always want to know that the Atlanta Fire Rescue Department will always arrive first at the scene to protect your life, property and environment.


Who Are Atlanta's First Responders?

Atlanta's Bravest first responders run into situations that very well could be their last act of courage and heroism.  Our firefighters respond to every call, including medical emergencies, fires, both natural and human disasters, vehicle accidents and more. The Atlanta Fire Rescue Department is first at the scene to protect lives, property and the environment.

Why Our Firefighters Need Your Help

The city budget is stretched, and the Fire Department is often asked to do without. Their “can do” attitude has resulted in limited resources to do their job. Imagine working with computers that are more than ten years old, flashlights more than eight years old, flying at night without night vision goggles, buying tools for work from your personal budget. They are here for us, and we need to be here for them!

Our Mission

Responding to priorities set by the Fire Department, we create partnerships to provide resources, programs and equipment that assist firefighters and paramedics in protecting life, property and the environment. They have a tradition of service at the highest level. We are supporting them in maintaining that tradition.

What You Can Do to Help

Your generous donations and attendance at our events supports the Atlanta Fire Rescue Department in doing their jobs safely and efficiently. Consider your gift an investment in your own peace of mind; knowing that when you dial 911, the chances of a successful outcome go up significantly. You may donate online today, write and send a check or money order or speak with any of our Board to make additional donation arrangements. Your gift will make a significant difference to our heroes!


Atlanta's Firefighters Thank You For Your Support!


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